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March Events

We will have regular activities this month.  Women's and Men's Bible Studies will continue.  

Note: No Youth Group on Wednesday, March 18 and no Men's Study on Friday, March 20 due to Spring Break

Also we will be having a March 2015 Camp Campaign Board with the Title "Honoring The Past! Building The Future!"  The goal is $4433.22. Online donations may be made at the Registrations and Payments page.

02 Bro. Rudy & Lena Junek - Anniversary
06 Frank & Mildred Junek - Anniversary
08 Ronnie Horcica will share God's Word in morning Service.(Be sure to set clocks up an hour)
09 Sharyle Macik - BD
10 EFCA Women's Meeting at 7:00
11 Missions Meeting at 5:30 pm
15 Donald Jakubik - BD
19 Wade Vakdak - BD
20 Juanita Shelfer - BD
22 College & Career Singles Lunch -Fuddruckers
25 Jennifer Jakubik - BD
26 Young Hearts Lunch at 11:00 AM
29 Steve Vajdak will share God's Word in morning Service.
     Family Movie Night at 6:00 PM- Emily Vacha, Chairperson

See our Calendar and Facebook Page for more details.