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August Events

Men's Study continues each Friday morning. Note:  Mike and Cara will no longer have the Horcica Bible Study the last Friday of each month. 

New Beth Moore Study for Women begins on Tuesday, Sept. 2 and Thurs. Sept. 4.  It is called "Sacred Secrets". September Calendar will be full!

August 3-7      Gangway to Galilee Vacation Bible School 6:00-8:30 PM

Aug. 2              Justin Baker Birthday
                        Jim & Susan Junek Anniversary
August 4           Daryl Bittner Birthday
                        Daryl & Bette Bittner Anniversary 
August 5           Jean Hood Birthday
August 6           Brayden Macik Birthday 
August 7           Kaitlyn Raley Birthday
August 9           Kirk & Sharyle Macik Anniversary
August 10         Frank Fields Birthday
                        Sam Kienow Birthday
                        Albert Joe Macik Birthday
August 12         Donald & Jennifer Jakubik Anniversary
August 13         Tammy Macik Birthday
August 14         Betty Fields Birthday
August 24         Loretta Nedbalek Birthday
August 27         Laverne Ondrasek Birthday
                        Denise Vajdak Birthday
August 28         Malorie Vacha Birthday
                        Riley Green Birthday
August 30         Carol Shelfer  Birthday
August 31         "Clinging To Summer" Party at the church at 6:00
                         Food , Games, Homemade Ice-Cream (Formerly Back To School Bash)


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