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December Events

No Women's Studies and No Men's Studies for December.

December Birthdays and Anniversaries

03 Dakota Kienow
03 Harvey Stall
05 Zachary Turskey
05 Marcia Vajdak
11 Susan Junek
15 Tommy Woodard
17 Bette Bittner
18 Lyndon Jakubik
20 Shane Kienow
23 Melvin Ondrasek
26 Elo & Lynn Junek Anniversary
29 Steve & Randa Vajdak Anniversary
30 Mary Ann Gantt        

December Events

December 8    Church Christmas Program 6:00 PM - Bring Snacks!
                      Poinsettia Deadline -Forms on glass case - $16.00 each (Order Forms and Payments must be received by this date)
December 12  Young Hearts Christmas Lunch at Golden Corral at 11:00 AM
December 14  Horcica Family Bible Christmas Party at home of Mike & Cara Horcica at 4:00 
December 15  Crosstalk Band will lead Worship. 
                     College & Career Singles will travel to Burnet, leaving the church at 2:00 PM, to visit Bethlehem on the Square.
December 17  Caroling at Burleson St. Joseph Manor in Caldwell. Meet there at 6:30 PM with food at the church afterwards.
December 25  Merry Christmas!