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DR Mission Trip Updates

July 28:

This morning during prayer walk, we had 5 adults, 30 Jr. High age accept Christ.  At VBS during the Bible story group about 30 elementary and Jr. high kids accepted Christ.  Everything is going good. Everyone is having a blast. Please continue to pray. (from Sharyle Macik)

July 29:

Everything is good. Just a very busy day. We did prayer walking this morning and we had 4 adults accept Christ. While working with the kids, we had at least 20 more, but you never know with kids if they are following others or they really mean it. This evening, we went to a school here and went to an English class. Everyone enjoyed it a lot. Mike and Jonah might have added to their confusion. They ran out of things to say and started asking them when was their pets' birthday. LOL! We ate pizza tonight. It was one of two pizza places here. It was good, not Pizza Hut, but good. The basketball part of the camp is going good. The boys won a couple of games, but the most important thing is the other boys are hearing the message. Everyone here is so nice and welcoming. Every house we go to on the prayer walk, they always invite us inside. We never are on the porch. And they insist we sit down. Our day tomorrow is going to be about like today. Saturday we are going to a baptism in the river.

July 30:

Today was much the same as yesterday. We had 5 adults commit during prayer walk today and about 40 kids commit. We went to the poorest area. If you have ever seen a "Save the Children" commercial, it's exactly like that only the people aren't starving. Most of the people in this area eat once a day and it's usually only rice with a little bit of beans. My group met about twenty little kids in this area and we invited them to come to the park today and when we got to the park, we saw several of them there. And even though these kids had nothing, most of them had changed into clean clothes when they came to the park. You could tell they took effort in trying to clean up. Seeing these things really makes you appreciate what you have. A teacher here makes $200 a month in US dollars. That's all for today. Continue to pray we are making changes.

July 31:

Brother Rudy was on Dominican Republic TV last night. He was interviewed yesterday and they took video during Lena's and Rudy's Bible study and the puppets. Brother Rudy told the whole country about who we were and why we were here. He was able to share the gospel of Jesus Christ on video and it will be broadcast over the whole Dominican Republic. What is diving intervention is that the guy with the video happened to just be riding by no his motorcycle and saw what was going on and stopped. Rudy was also asked by the local pastor to preach Thursday and Sunday night. And Rudy and Lena have been asked to speak to couples on Friday night about why their marriage has lasted fifty years. (Sharyle told them it was real simple. He obeys! But she thinks they will talk a different path.)  The people here are so open to the gospel. Lena said there are hotspots in the world and this is for sure one of them. Continue to pray.

August 1:

We had 7 adults in Christ. We had a great day. We did VBS and basketball today and we really had a blast. Yesterday I scheduled a basketball game for our girls against another team. So today we played. We had Malorie, Regan, Natalie, Cara, Randa and myself. Yes. You read that right. Randa, Cara and I played. LOL. We thought it was going to be half court, but at the last minute they changed it to full court. But we survived. We lost but we didn't get creamed like we were expecting. We didn't need oxygen, CPR or anything. LOL. But most important our boys said we didn't embarrass them. LOL. Really, we are making changes down here. The people are very open and welcoming and everyone we talk to is willing to hear what we have to say. I will update again tomorrow. Continue to pray.

August 2:

Sorry for the delay but I was waiting on Brother Rudy and Lena. They are at a couples bible group. They usually want to make sure I include everything.

We had a great day. On our prayer walk, we had 18 adults accept Christ. We had fun time at VBS. We were at a different location. The area wasn't as big and a little muddy but it worked out. Today we didn't play basketball instead we played interleague softball and we won! 5 to 3. By the way, when you see Caleb, make sure to ask him about the flood on the baseball field. He was given some pants to wear and they were about six inches too short. He looked ridiculous. This evening we had all the couples go to a couples bible lesson tonight at one of the houses. They were going to talk about what makes their marriages work. I tried telling them it's real simple. It's "yes dear" and just agree to everything the wife says. LOL. They were supposed to be done at 9:30, but now it's 10:19. Hmm...I hope all the hens didn't kick.

August 4:

We had a really great last day here in Ocoa. Tomorrow we travel to another city closer to the airport for our last day. This morning we followed up on people who have accepted Christ and invited them to church and during that followup we had a girl accept Christ. It was neat because it was like every distraction possible was going on. Baby crying, phone ringing, motorcycle reving engine. But the lady still accepted Christ. At first she said no and then even with all the distractions and things that could have prevented it, she still accepted Christ. This afternoon we went tot he park for a VBS and games. Tonight we had church. Brother Rudy preached tonight. I think he might be ready to come home so he can relax some. LOL. We were presented with a plaque as an appreciation for our visit and everything we have done. It was pretty emotional tonight saying goodbye to everyone. We made a lot of good friends and have had a wonderful experience. Last night we had an injury that required stitches. Someone got their head in a ceiling fan. I know it sounds crazy, but on their defense, the ceiling was really low. The stitches went well, but please continue to pray for a pain-free recovery. Also during church tonight, we had someone accept Christ as well. What is neat is that the people here having been talking with her and praying that she would accept Christ. Gotta get some sleep now. We have an early morning. Continue to pray.

August 5:

We made it to the resort. We saw our first rain today. Of all the days for it to rain. On the day we can relax. LOL. Not much news other than that we are ready to come home!!!