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September Calendar

Sundays                    Breakfast 8:50 am                                    Bible Study 9:10 am                                    Worship at 10:15 am Tuesdays                  Women’s Bible Study at 9:00 am Wednesdays            Prayer Meeting / Youth Group at 7:00 pm Thursdays                 Women’s Bible Study at 7:00 pm Fridays                      Men’s Breakfast & Bible Study 6:00 pm Tues., Sept. 10          EFCA Women’s Meeting 7:00 pm Sun., Sept. 15            College& Career Singles Lunch  12L00 pm Thurs., Sept. 26         Hearts Seniors Lunch  11:00 am Fri., Sept. 27              Horcica Bible Study 6:30 pm Sun., Sept. 28           Movie Night 6:00 pm Birthdays and Anniversaries   01 Lynn Junek 03 Tommy and Kathy Woodard - Anniversary 05 John Giesenschlag 12 Lonnie Frank 16 Lanie Junek 17 Maude Jakubik 18 Clarence and Dallia Junek - Anniversary 21 Michael and Cara Horcica - Anniversary 23 Mary Junek 30 Monroe Hejl   Che

Youth Program Meeting

We will be having a meeting  immediately following services on Sunday  to discuss the direction of our Youth program. Please make plans to attend and bring ideas for the future development of our Youth program and Youth Leader.

New Bible Studies Coming Soon

New Bible Studies will be starting up for the Fall beginning in September. Women: Tuesdays at 9:00 am or Thursdays at 7:00 pm Starting Sept. 3 or Sept. 5 A light meal will be served with each session The 7-session study will be by Anne Graham Lotz , daughter of Billy Graham and the study is called The Magnificent Obsession . Anne's DVD Bible Study encourages and emboldens you to follow Abraham's example and not only embrace the God-filled life, but pursue Him in a relationship He would describe as a friendship. Following this study will be her Expecting to See Jesus , a 9-session study. Details to come. Men: Fridays at 6:00 am Breakfast will be served A new 10-session study will begin on Sept. 13.  The study is called Living on the Edge by Dr. Chip Ingram . Being a genuine disciple of Christ flows out of a relationship with Him. It's about experiencing God's grace, not earning His love through performance. A real relationship with Jesus Christ

Back-to-School Splash Bash

Saturday, August 24 5:00-8:00 pm Frank & Betty Fields' Home School will be starting Monday for those that haven't already gone back. Summer break is over. We are having a pool party for the youth group to celebrate (or mourn as the case may be).  We will have hamburgers and hot dogs and all the trimmings. Bring your swimsuit and towel. Please RSVP Here  so we will know how many to prepare for . Keep an eye on the RSVP/Calendar link to see any updates. If you would like to bring something, please respond to the event link or contact Steve Vajdak. So far, we have the following items donated.   Drinks - Horcicas Veggies for burgers - Bro. Rudy & Lena Meat for hamburgers - Steve & Randa Chips, Condiments - Bittners Buns - Denise Paper Goods - Marcy Still need: Hot Dogs Appetizers Desserts

DR Mission Trip Updates

July 28: This morning during prayer walk, we had 5 adults, 30 Jr. High age accept Christ.  At VBS during the Bible story group about 30 elementary and Jr. high kids accepted Christ.  Everything is going good. Everyone is having a blast. Please continue to pray. (from Sharyle Macik) July 29: Everything is good. Just a very busy day. We did prayer walking this morning and we had 4 adults accept Christ. While working with the kids, we had at least 20 more, but you never know with kids if they are following others or they really mean it. This evening, we went to a school here and went to an English class. Everyone enjoyed it a lot. Mike and Jonah might have added to their confusion. They ran out of things to say and started asking them when was their pets' birthday. LOL! We ate pizza tonight. It was one of two pizza places here. It was good, not Pizza Hut, but good. The basketball part of the camp is going good. The boys won a couple of games, but the most important thing is the