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Youth Mission Trip starts Saturday

July 27-August 6

Our missions trip to the Dominican Republic starts Saturday. The team will head to Austin airport early and their flight leaves at 11 am. They will fly to Ft. Lauderdale and have a 7 hour layover. At 11 pm Eastern, they will fly to Santo Domingo and then have a 4-1/2 hour bus trip to their final destination in Ocoa.

Please keep them in your prayers DAILY. They need prayers for safety, for reception to the gospel by the people to which they will be spreading God's word, for unity of our group, for overcoming language barriers and for good health for all participants.  The trip home will begin at 6 am and they will arrive in Austin at 7 pm.

Because of extremely high international calling rates, please do not call or text any of the team members unless it is an emergency. Most will have their phones turned off after leaving the States until they return.