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Message from our Pastor

The message on our website has been updated:

Psalm 32 says, “Blessed is he whose transgressions are forgiven, whose sins are 
covered.  Blessed is the man whose sin the Lord does not count against him and 

in whose spirit is no deceit.”  Are you a blessed person according to this Psalm?

We at Hope Church consider ourselves to be blessed because of what Christ 
has accomplished for us when He went to the cross.  Christ forgives us of our sin, 

gives us the free gift of eternal life and provides us with His guidance as we 
walk with Him and trust Him day by day.

But we also count ourselves to be blessed to be part of a great ministry of 
outreach, not just to our community but to others as well.  While people were 

taking vacations, traveling, sightseeing and using the summer as down time, 
the people of our church were busy about God’s work.

There are many examples of the commitment of our congregation.  A great 
number from our church were involved in the EFCA Camp at Twin Oaks Ranch 

in Buda.  Through preaching, teaching, counseling, cooking, drama, craft leaders, 
lifeguards at the pool and creek plus other acts of service, our team showed the 
love of God and shared the life changing message of the gospel of Jesus Christ. 
As a result of this unified effort, twelve youth committed their lives to Jesus Christ.

Most recently, Caleb Milne, our Youth Leader, led a team of seventeen leaders 
and students to work with BUMP (Bridging Urban Missions Program) of the EFCA 

in the inner city of Baltimore, Maryland.  What a great experience as the youth 
of our church got to observe first-hand real inner city life!

They served the Baltimore Church by hosting a block party in conjunction with 
Vacation Bible School, cleaning the area around the church, passing out food 

in the distressed neighborhood, and many other acts of kindness and service 
to the local community. Many lives were touched and five children came to 
know our Lord.

Also, our church hosted a week-long Vacation Bible School with an average 
attendance of around sixty people.  The NASCAR theme called “Drive” was a hit 

with the kids as they learned the importance of running the race of life to win 
with Jesus as their sponsor and the Bible as their guide. Five children made 
decisions for Christ there as well.

We express special “thanks” to all who invested their time, talents and 
resources to make this summer special for many children.

If you are seeking a small church where you can be part of the family of 
God, use your gifts, and make a difference for Christ, we invite 

you to come and visit.

Sincerely in Christ,
Rudy Junek, Pastor