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We're in Balmer

At least that's how some of the locals say it.  There's no T and the sounds kind of run together.

We left Chattanooga around 7:00 am and headed east.  We made a couple more stops today and took a little extra time to stop and eat instead of eating on the road.  We went over 600 miles today through tree-covered mountains.  We got into Virginia at 11:30 am. West Virginia at 5:30 pm. At about 5:45, we hit Harper's Ferry where we went from West Virginia to Virginia (for about a minute or so) and then over to Maryland.  We got to Stillmeadow Evangelical Free Church at about 6:45 pm.

There was a wedding going on, so we got in touch with the King's (Mike & Cara's old neighbors) who live about 20 minutes south.  They invited us (all 17 of us) to come to their house for a brief visit and to eat hamburgers that they grilled on their deck.  It was nice to see Bernadette and King again and she even whipped up a Texas sheet cake for us.  We love you Bern!

We went back to the church and unloaded everything upstairs in a couple of the classrooms.  We're all sleeping on the floors this time.  The church was built in the 1950s.  Very pretty, but the structure and electrical outlets show its age.