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VBS - Day 3

Today was a very busy day! After breakfast, we broke into groups and went into the areas surrounding the church to pick up trash and other items. Some hit the streets and neighborhoods and some hit the trail up the hill behind the church.

After lunch was VBS prep time.  Another truck from the Food Bank showed up and the kids help unload crates and crates of food.  We had cabbages (some were bigger than our heads), fresh corn in the husks, bags of broccoli florets, squash, zuccini, cucumbers, 2 large pallets of green beans, diced carrots,carrot sticks, baby carrots, diced celery, onions (whole and sliced) and a variety of breads. Both teams worked together to bag up the individual vegetables and get ready for the people to come. There was also donated clothing to be distributed.

People had to register and get a number and we called in 20 people at a time.  We served over 85 people today.  The bigger boys and team leaders helped box up the produce and some even carried it to residents' home or offered a ride.  The whole process took over 3 hours of work.  Then we had to get the room back in shape for our supper and then rearrange for VBS. After bagging up all the corn, some of us said we didn't want to even see corn for a while. Guess what was part of supper??? 

VBS is growing. We had over 51 kids today plus grown ups plus our BUMP groups and a few church members.  The energy is flowing.  We started the day with Stupid Human Tricks with some of our BUMP kids to get it started and some of the VBS kids, too.  The kids made Pit Passes today for the craft.  The Fellowship Hall is filling up and we are getting many positive comments from church members and even residents that don't go to this church. Lots of smiles are happening.  Can you believe we only have one day to go?!