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Prayers for BUMP Missions Trip

Our group of 11 youth and 6 adults will depart from the church early on Friday morning and begin the almost-1500-mile trip to Baltimore, MD.  Four vehicles will be making the trip loaded with people, luggage with 10 days worth of clothing for each person, sleeping bags, pillows, coolers, computers, etc.

Please pray for good weather, no vehicle problems, health of our participants, improving conditions from this week's storms in the Baltimore area.  Also pray for the group that is coming from Bethlehem Church in Randolph, NJ to join us during this week of BUMP.

The goal is to make it to Chattanooga, TN sometime before midnight on Friday, an 842 mile trip.

Day 2 of the drive will be from Chattanooga to Baltimore, MD.  623 miles - through the mountains.

We will be conducting a Block Party, Prayer Walks, work projects and a VBS during our time here. Pray for all of the lives that these activities with touch this week.  We plan to be back late on Monday, July 16.


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