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Day 1 Complete

We have gone through Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, a tiny piece of Georgia and then Tennessee.  We made a couple of stops for gas and other necessaries.  For lunch, wee had the folks in one car make sandwiches per the orders from the other 3 vehicles, then we stopped at a roadside parking area in Mississippi right at noon and passed out the sandwiches.  After a few minutes to stretch our legs, switch some kids around in the vehicles, we headed back out on the road to eat along the way.  We hit Alabama around 2:30 pm. Georgia at 6:30 pm. Tennessee at 6:50 pm. Today, we covered 877 miles and arrived at the Morris Hill Baptist Church in Chattanooga, TN around 8:45 pm Eastern (we lost an hour right at Chattanooga) after stopping to eat at Subway. We haven't lost anyone yet.

We stayed in their Fellowship Hall/Rec area.  The kids thought we'd arrived at Heaven! There was a gym upstairs and games downstairs like a pool table, air hockey table, ping pong table and video games. Believe it or not, the kids had lots of energy to burn off by playing basketball, dodge ball and the other games.  The place was huge and we had it all to ourselves.  Some of the classrooms had couches and sectionals that we were able to use.  Some of us slept on the floor, but the carpet was padded so it wasn't bad.  Lights out at midnight.