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BUMP Sunday

We woke up this morning about 7:00 am to start our day. We got dressed and went down for a light breakfast and then a little quiet time.  Then we started consolidating our things to try to make room for 19 more people who would be coming from Randolph, NJ.  Then we moved stuff again to clear the rooms for Sunday school classes.  Church services started downstairs at 10:15 and opened with some praise music.  The sanctuary is not air conditioned, so they just have chairs set up in the Fellowship Hall.  There was a meet and greet time after church with the locals.  We then headed back upstairs to move our things back to the classrooms.  We had a Team Leader meeting with our on-site BUMP coordinator, Evette and started working on plans for the week.

We started working on decorations for the VBS that we will be conducting this week.  The NJ group arrived a little after 5:00 pm and we all sat down together for supper and then our Orientation.  Everyone received 2 different BUMP shirts to wear this week at all of our activities at the church and in the community.  After a Team Leader meeting, we started grabbing kids to work on decorations and start getting games figured out for our Block Party that we will be hosting tomorrow.  Everyone has their area of expertise and many were all to happy to jump in and help.  This is going to be a fun and rewarding week.

Did I mention that there is ONE shower to accommodate 37 people?  A shower schedule has been made along with a K.P. schedule. It's been hot and humid (just like home), but in a day or so, the temps should be coming down to the 80's. Keep us all in your prayers!